1616 and Onwards

"Know ye, that we, graciously cherishing the common good and benefit of the inhabitants of Kings Norton…do give and grant… that they hold and keep, to the sole and proper benefit and use of the inhabitants of the same town of Kings Norton…a market to be held and kept on Saturdays… Attested by the King at Westminster on the 15th May 1616"


There has been a market in Kings Norton since 1616. We are very proud of our 'village' and it's heritage, hugley appreciated by it's inhabitants and often overlooked by visitors to the City, Kings Norton has a wealth of history all readily accessible to any visitor wishing to immerse themselves in times gone by.

Saint Nicolas Place hosts meetings of the historic society and staff there are more than happy to help with any enquiries of a historic nature about Kings Norton and the surrounding area. Below are some images of the historic places that are very easy to visit in our Village, and all within a 15minute walking distance from the Green.

What better way to spend a sunny Saturday afternoon after visiting the market, than taking in some of the local historic places of interest. Below we have collected together some images that may inspire you to see more....