Our People

Kings Norton Farmers Market is only as good as the people that dedicated their own time to running it. We have a great team of very enthusiastic oldies who get up at the crack of dawn every second Saturday. 

We are always on the look out for people to help, in whatever capacity they can. If you are interested, drop us an email through the form below.


Elizabeth Charnley

Elizabeth is the backbone of the Market. Present at it's birth in 2006 she has dedicated a massive amount of time and effort to the Market. If you need to know anything about the market, the producers or the calendar of events - Elizabeth is your man!



RoD Kent

Like Elizabeth, Rod has been with the Farmers' Market since it began in 1616!

Rod has lived in Kings Norton for the last 45 years and has been involved with the market for 8 years, the last six as chairman.

“To me, the market is an opportunity to bring fresh and locally produced food direct to the community, to help to create a better relationship with the people of Kings Norton in a relaxed atmosphere and also to provide support to local organisations through the donation of all our surplus income.”


John and angela Taylor

John and Angela Taylor are ‘part of the furniture’ in Kings Norton. They have supported the market since its beginning (1616). For the last few years they have become involved with running the market, not just as visitors every second Saturday.

“Market gives us, and all local residents, the opportunity to meet with and talk with the various stallholders who supply, and in many cases actually produce the food, fruit and vegetables on offer.

The stallholders are friendly and knowledgeable about their produce, and welcome ‘feed back’ about it. They give the customer the opportunity to discover far more about the produce than they can at the supermarket. For us the market is a great way of helping to develop the success and growth of local enterprise, as well as make Kings Norton a more vibrant place to live.’


Alan Johnson

One of several dedicated team members that gets up at stupid O'Clock in the morning to set up stalls. Alan has supported the market almost as long as Elizabeth and Pete Charnley.

“There's a bit of a trite saying- 'If you love it, let it go'. There's lots of things I love and will never let go of. My family, my friends and Kings Norton Farmers' Market. Perhaps the members of the committee are all like me though. We all stand up for the ideals of the market and we'll put up with terrible weather and pacify petty squabbles. The original founders of the market had an equally trite saying from 'Field of Dreams'- 'If you build it, they will come'. well, the second one has proved right but the first one is just daft!”


Trisha Curran

Trisha joined KNFM Committee in July 2017. 

“The market is marvellous and valued by all who visit.... I have always loved this market, the producers know their stuff and everything is high quality and so tasty. I wanted to join an organisation that supported local communities and KNFM does exactly that!”

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