OCTOBER 13th Market

Autumn is here - come along
in October and get a few treats, to brighten your day. 

Beans and Leaves

This months featured stall holder - Beans and Leaves has been a regular at the market for some time now, a great supporter of KNFM.

“Hi and welcome to Beans & Leaves. 

We are purveyors of speciality coffee, both beans and freshly ground, and speciality teas. These have been sold at locations throughout the Midlands at Farmer’s Markets, Local produce Markets and Food Festivals since 2007. 

The coffees are both free trade and fair trade from many of the countries that produce coffee beans.  Some coffees are “Cup of Excellence” winners which means they are amongst the top coffees from that particular country. Many of these coffees are only available from markets and special events.

The teas come from many of the tea producing countries along with some herbal and fruit infusions. oday I stock coffees from Brazil, Columbia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Honduras, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Mexico, Nicaragua, (to name a few) blended coffees and fair trade coffees. The countries and coffees regularly change due to the coffees running out. This is due to different countries having harvest times at different times of the year.

As well as many traditional coffees a selection of flavoured coffee beans are stocked.

The teas I stock include traditional teas, black, green and white, from Ceylon, China, Formosa, India and Kenya and blended teas. Flavoured teas which have a base of either black or green tea to which such flavours as Wild Cherry and Peppermint are added. Fruit infusions of mixed dried red berries which has no tea content and tastes like Ribena and Herbal teas which are parts of the herb or plant and have many medicinal properties.”