Frank & Co Scotch Bonnet Jelly, Sauces and marinades are made combining the fiery Chilli Scotch Bonnet Pepper and other specially selected ingredients.

Based in the heart of the Midlands Frank’s products are made using fresh ingredients expertly blended to produce quality sauces and condiments full of unique flavours that are influenced by Caribbean cuisine. Ready to serve, these tasty condiments are an instant hit with everyone. All the products are vegetarian, vegan and halal. Try our new Jerk Seasonin’, Jerk Sauce and Chilli Tomato Sauce.


"An opened jar is an empty jar"….

“Our condiments are a wonderful accompaniment to savoury dishes”

Frank&Co Scotch Bonnet Jelly is especially good when eaten with your favourite cheese snack. Available in the original flavour and also our new fruity and hot Pineapple and Mango flavour. When you taste our Scotch Bonnet Jelly you will discover a well balanced flavour that awakens your taste buds. As one Black Country customer said, “It gets your clackers going!” This is an unmistakably tasty, hot, piquant chilli jelly that is eaten with hot or cold foods straight from the jar spicing up any food every time. Try our new fruity Pineapple or Mango flavour Jelly today and put some fire in your food!

”Our new Jerk range is rather special. Try our Jerk Seasonin’ and never look back! It is quite unique.”
— Frank