My interest in food started at an early age as my parents were in the catering trade. They had a restaurant in Henley in Arden and I remember helping my mum peeling the veg for Sunday lunch service when I was 5 years old. When they bought a wine bar in Exeter in 1977, I helped in the kitchen, cooking and creating desserts. I knew I wanted to follow my passion, so I enrolled in catering college from school full time for 2 years and specialised in patisserie. I had further training and experience in a French patisserie business near London after that. 

After meeting my husband, I moved back to the midlands in 2006 working in the corporate catering sector. I started my own patisserie business in February 2009.

 Blueberry Hill Patisserie has now grown and we have a team of fully trained pastry chefs who all have the same passion for perfection! You will find our products in cafes and farm shops across the midlands and we also travel to local farmers markets and food festivals. See our events calendar to see where we are from week to week.

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Come and buy our range of delicious cakes and pastries, you won’t be disappointed….

“Nina’s cakes and pastries are absolutely delicious, I can never resist them”
— Trisha Curran