Happy Gut

Our guts are the root of our health and are full of bacteria, both good and bad. This is important to know, because the majority of health issues that we face stem from an inbalance of beneficial/harmful bacteria in our gut.

The full spectrum of ailments which it can cause to manifest include anything from mental issues such as depression/anxiety, to digestive issues such as IBS.

Knowing that most people do face some of these issues in their everyday life and having battled depression myself, I want to share this immune-boosting beverage with you.



The gastro-intestinal tract is considered a very complex microbial ecosystem. As kombucha is an unpasteurised, living product, it can act as a high-quality probiotic supplement which can help to restore a healthy balance to your gut microbes – especially after taking antibiotics or with a diet of highly-processed foods, as these tend to kill off the colonies of beneficial microbes.

It’s common knowledge that the microbes in your gut effects digestion, but their influence extrends far beyond that to many of the body’s functions, including physical and mental health.


fit for Kings and Queens and us usual folk too

Kombucha is a term with its roots in China and Japan and refers to fermented teas which are made by adding liquids to a 'scoby' - a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast. The results are gently effervescent, sweetened tea drinks which contain probiotics and antioxidants.



My product range includes many delicious green tea flavours. A popular one is Vanilla Berry Boost made with raspberries, rosemary and madagascan vanilla pods.

Come and find your happy....

“I love Kombucha as well as sell it! I have absolute faith in its benefits, it is part of my everyday health regime and thousands of others like me.”
— Alyn Norris