Valentin Boulangerie


Simply Delicious

With high quality local ingredients wherever possible and in season. The sourdough loaf, for example, has a unique flavour and crust: there is no need for additives or chemicals.

In 1978, Gerald Dumas first learned the artistry of the French baking tradition and the technique of Masterbaker Armel Abit who in 1944 was one of the very few bakers in France where sourdough French bread was still being made. In 2008, over half a century later, Patrick Valentin took on the baton and continues to bring these values of culinary traditions to England. We represent a unique and delightful range of handmade bread, baked using wheat coming from local farmer’s in Oxfordshire and Warwickshire, who specially use mill flour to the necessary level to guarantee the high quality & standards the Bread Pancheon strive for, producing wonderful breads, cakes and pastries.


Come and taste our bread!

“You can imagine being in a Parisian bread shop on a Saturday morning, when you smell the aroma emanting from Patrick’s stall.”
— David Brady